Magellan File Browser Release Notes



Magellan File Browser 2017.2.0.1

Released date 10/05/2017

Important information

  • Editing of Documents using single sign on requires a 3rd party client installed on the PC to work. However because of the SSO nature it is strongly advised this does NOT get installed on a public PC.


  • WebDav Editing Documents Single Sign On: Editing Documents no longer asks end users for their username / password.


  • Applied renewed SSL Certificate for Magellan IdP.

Known Issues

  • After clicking editing a document there is a delay before the end user will see the system load the associated application to edit the document. This process doesn't show any "working" dialog to the end user, so can appear like it isn't doing anything when it actually is. We are looking at solutions to this issue.

Edit Document Opener on Public PCs

It is NOT recommended that end users install the Edit Document Opener Client on public PC's for security reasons.

For Application like Microsoft Word to sign into the WebDav share on Magellan and Edit the Document live it needs to authenticate. To enabled this a Cookie must be passed to the PC for this to work. The cookie has a default life time of 3 hours, within this time the end user can reopen the document via recently opened Documents in Microsoft Word. Word will continue to use this Cookie until it expires regardless if the user is still authenticated with Magellan.

This mentioned behaviour is fine when used on a domain PC or private computer. However could cause issues when used on a public computer where multiple users may share the same computer user account.