Service Manager Cloud Notes



Service Manager Cloud 2017.2.0.2

Release date 14/07/2017


  • Account button added to toolbar that will take you to the managed account area in Magellan IDP.


  • Http requests will now redirect to https.
  • Import Timetable Classes gave impression it got stuck. Improved status message informing user about it's current process.
  • When adding a new asset, the site and category field will now populate based on what you have selected on the Asset Category tree.


  • Fixed Depreciation still inherited parent category settings even when Use Inherited Depreciation was disabled.
  • Multiedit and setting depreciation error on save.
  • Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.Contact_history' when updating a contact.
  • Typo on Time Slot Editor said Start Date and End Date instead of Start Time and End Time.
  • In Internet Explorer Asset fields would not display changes.
  • Service Desk Statistics report errored when displayed.
  • Asset Category History report errored when displayed.
  • Warranty Notifications would still trigger in a multisite setup even when disabled for a single site.
  • Booking Schedule showed null for Notes when no note had been added.
  • Booking with recurring appointments stopped schedule from displaying.